United States
& Canada
Ring Size
in Inches
1 ¼0.495B-½------------
1 ½0.503C------------
1 ¾0.511C-½------------
20.520D41 ½13¼21 ½
0.528D-½42 ⅛13 ½------
2 ½0.536E42 ¾13 ¾32 ¾
2 ¾0.544E-½43 ⅝------3 ⅝
0.561F-½44 ⅝14¼---4 ⅝
3 ½0.569G45¼14 ½5
3 ¾0.577G-½45 ⅞14 ¾65 ⅞
40.586H-½46 ½1576 ½
0.594I47 ⅛15¼---7 ⅛
4 ½0.602I-½47 ¾15 ½87 ¾
4 ¾0.610J48 ⅝------8 ⅝
50.619J-½4915 ¾99
0.627K49 ⅝16---9 ⅝
5 ½0.635K-½50¼16¼1010¼
5 ¾0.643L50 ⅞---1110 ⅞
60.652L-½51 ½16 ½1211 ½
0.66M52 ⅛16 ¾---12 ⅛
6 ½0.668M-½52 ¾171312 ¾
6 ¾0.676N53 ⅝------13 ⅝
0.693O-½54 ⅝17 ½---14 ⅝
7 ½0.701P55¼17 ¾1515¼
7 ¾0.709P-½55 ⅞------15 ⅞
80.717Q56 ½181616 ½
0.726Q-½57 ⅛18¼---17 ⅛
8 ½0.734R57 ¾18 ½1717 ¾
8 ¾0.742R-½58 ⅝18 ¾---18 ⅝
90 ¾S59191819
0.759S-½59 ⅝19¼---19 ⅝
9 ½0.767---60¼19 ½1920¼
9 ¾0.775T60 ⅞19 ¾---20 ⅞
100.783T-½61 ½202021 ½
10¼0.792U62 ⅛20¼2122 ⅛
10 ½0.8U-½62 ¾20 ½2222 ¾
10 ¾0.808V63 ⅝------23 ⅝
110.816V-½6420 ¾2324
11¼0.825W64 ⅝------24 ⅝
11 ½0.833W-½65¼212425¼
11 ¾0.841X65 ⅞------25 ⅞
120.849Y66 ½21¼2526 ½
12¼0.858Y-½67 ⅛21 ½---27 ⅛
12 ½0.866Z67 ¾21 ¾2627 ¾
12 ¾0.874Z-½68 ⅝------28 ⅝
  • If a customer is unsure of their ring size and does not have one of our Ring Sizing Sets,
    we can recommend several ways to find out;

    The first method and the simplest way, is to go to your local jeweller and they will be able to measure your finger for your correct size.

    The second method is a little more complicated but just as effective, start by measuring the inside diameter of a ring that already fits the finger and check the number that correlates with the measurement on the ring size guide above (inches).

    The third method is to use our Ring Sizer below. In order to print the Ring Sizer, be sure that your printer is set to 100%. In other words, make sure that you have not reduced the print size in page set up. You can verify that the Ring Sizer printed correctly by measuring the printed version with the actual measurements (metric).

    Ring Size

    Note: The inside of your ring should be used to measure the Ring Size, not the outside

    The fourth method is to print off the below image and check that the printer is set to 100%. You can verify that the Ring Sizer printed correctly by measuring it with a ruler; it should measure from left to right: 3 ½ inches.

    Ring Sizer

    Once you have printed the Ring Sizer, you may cut it out and use it or try the following directions to measure ring size of your finger:

    1. Wrap a piece of loose string or paper around your finger. Be sure to allow for the size of your knuckle.
    2. With a pen, mark the point on the string or paper where the end meets.
    3. Using the chart, place the end of the string or paper on the left hand line next to the letter A and stretch the string or paper along the Ring Sizer toward the numbers.
    4. The pen mark on your string or paper should line up with a number to indicate your ring size.

    Note: The US Sizes are the same as the Australian Sizes.

    Download this page as a pdf here.


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